Trivia is well, trivia… duh! Learn something new everyday. Challenge your coworkers, trash talk before the game, make excuses after you lose. It’s all happening here.

20+ players | 5-minute game
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Over 60 topics

A great new trivia game with topics like Internet Culture, Technology, Urban Dictionary, Rick and Morty, MCU, Beer, World Food and more.


Async Challenges

Challenge your co-workers, think you can beat them up?
No! don’t beat them up. Just beat them. Remotely.



Get high! on the ranks of the leaderboard, so you can show off among your team meates.


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Get the fun started automatically by scheduling games for the whole team.


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Get fun insigts with every question. Learn something new, so you can show off at that virtual dinner party!


How to play Trivia in Slack

1. Once you’ve added Bored to a channel, type in the command /bored trivia.
2. Select the category from over 60 topics.
3. Prepare for battle! Be sure to let your coworkers know of the game beforehand. Otherwise, awkward…

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Gabe Perez

Head of Social, Product Hunt

Installed this in our team's Slack channel and it's been a great way to passively play games with the team. We set up a recurring trivia game and it's very "no-pressure" to join. Def recommend trying out if you're looking for a quick & easy way to add some bonding for remote teams.

Sita Thomas

Data Manager,

"I work for a small, fully remote start-up, and we love your games, particularly Trivia and Faker. We play every day at the end of the work day. It's a great way to shift from 'workplace' to 'home' and helps us connect and get to know each other better. Thank you for creating this product. We look forward to more games!"

Yuki Kawamura

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Akatsuki Inc.

Bored is not only fun, but also very helpful in stimulating communication among the team while working in a remote environment.

Jon Mattingly

CEO & Co-founder, Kodable

“We had a bunch of fun. Loved the roast game. This honestly does a better job of replicating an in-office vibe than virtual offices or the many different video chat things that have popped up.”

Siddharth Deswal

Director of Marketing, Fyle

“We love this fresh new trivia format. It's a great way to chill out and banter with the team. This is coming from someone who has played a lot of TV show quizzes.”

Which movie are you in?
Guide to survival
Go on then! Pick a category.
Which movie are you in?
Game begins in 3
Which movie are you in?
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What’s a good way to identify a spiked drink?
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60+ topics to choose from, let your team in on all the fun.
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