Meme your coworkers, and let them meme you. There are no jokes barred so you can’t say “…and I took that personally.” Funniest memer wins the game. So, are you something of a Memelord yourself?

3-10 players | ~8 mins per game


Meme me up, Scotty!

Our most internet-friendly game is all about making memes with your team! We provide the funniest memes, so you can come up with the funniest captions.


Meme Girls

Sometimes, the funniest captions are based on real life experiences. For example, mentioning the 5-minute awkward silence because Dave from Accounting forgot to mute himself before talking to his cat, could get you the most votes. Word of caution, what goes around comes around.


Vote for meme

The answers are displayed anonymously for the team to pick one without bias. The one to get the most votes wins the game. Are you willing to do everything to get the throne? You might even have to roast yourself to get there. But when the time comes, smile and wave. Smile and wave.


Share it with us!

We love inside jokes, we'd love to be a part of one someday. Did your meme caption hit the nail so perfectly, you had everyone lmao-ing and voting for you? Share it with us on Twitter! Our Twitter handle is @BoredOnSlack and we'd love to give your masterpiece a shoutout.


How to play Memelord in Slack

1. Select Memelord from Bored homepage
2. The game is simple- We give you a meme, you caption it.
3. Everybody’s captions are put up for voting.
4. May the best caption win.
5. The best way to figure out the game is to give it a go!

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Gabe Perez

Head of Social, Product Hunt

Installed this in our team's Slack channel and it's been a great way to passively play games with the team. We set up a recurring trivia game and it's very "no-pressure" to join. Def recommend trying out if you're looking for a quick & easy way to add some bonding for remote teams.

Sita Thomas

Data Manager,

"I work for a small, fully remote start-up, and we love your games, particularly Trivia and Faker. We play every day at the end of the work day. It's a great way to shift from 'workplace' to 'home' and helps us connect and get to know each other better. Thank you for creating this product. We look forward to more games!"

Yuki Kawamura

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Akatsuki Inc.

Bored is not only fun, but also very helpful in stimulating communication among the team while working in a remote environment.

Jon Mattingly

CEO & Co-founder, Kodable

“We had a bunch of fun. Loved the roast game. This honestly does a better job of replicating an in-office vibe than virtual offices or the many different video chat things that have popped up.”

Siddharth Deswal

Director of Marketing, Fyle

“We love this fresh new trivia format. It's a great way to chill out and banter with the team. This is coming from someone who has played a lot of TV show quizzes.”