Top 5 Zoom Apps To Innovatively Document Meetings
Top 5 Zoom Apps To Innovatively Document Meetings

Top 5 Zoom Apps To Innovatively Document Meetings

With teams working asynchronously, documenting processes and progress in an effective manner becomes key to productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic was seen as the major catalyst for change in various areas, but most palpably, the way we work. A remarkable pivot towards remote and hybrid work has perhaps been the most tangible outcome. However, this has just been the tip of the iceberg in terms of innovations that have been coming up helping companies transform their way of working. 

Looking at the past decade, it becomes increasingly evident that COVID-19 protocols aren’t the sole reason why tools like web conferencing applications have flourished over the past decade. The exponential burst of global connectivity has allowed companies to expand the locations in which they operate, thus necessitating such applications. 

Between 2005 and 2008, for instance, remote work witnessed a whopping 173 percent hike as more companies began providing work-from-home as an option and explored hybrid models as well. 

Growing alongside the requirements, video conferencing software such as Zoom for instance has seen its usage drastically rise. June 2020 saw 300 million daily meeting participants enjoying Zoom’s video call offerings. Additionally, a number of applications offering such connectivity such as Skype for Business and Slack have stepped up their game.

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Documentation and the evolving needs of virtual meetings 

While meetings were held in person, there is usually one person who takes ‘minutes of the meetings’ and the pointers are often shared with the team. However, this process becomes significantly more important in remote and hybrid work environments where work processes and communication can often be asynchronous. Hence, effectively documenting meetings is necessary because:

  • Different employees may operate in different time zones owing to which they might not be able to attend live meetings.
  • Employees may be absent from meetings owing to having to attend more pressing responsibilities.
  • Hybrid models of work reinforce the need for adequate documentation of meetings such that all team members are on the same page.
  • It’s possible for attendees to not always recall all that transpired in a meeting. 
  • By adequately documenting a meeting it is possible to have proof of what transpired and who is responsible for what work. 

Zoom applications for varied work needs

In order to keep the team aligned and accountable, the following Zoom apps can help solve several documentation needs:

1.  Zapier

With the Zapier add on, Zoom attendees can benefit from a number of benefits including: 

·     Integration with the attendees’ calendars.

·  Customer relationship management, scheduling, and productivity applications are seamlessly integrated. Different lines of business have different needs and each of these are catered to with innovative applications. 

·   Attendees of Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars registrants can be automatically turned into subscribers and leads.

2.  Otter.ai

Those who choose to integrate this application into their Zoom accounts can enjoy the following advantages:

·      Transcription services are available in real-time for live meetings. These transcriptions can then be highlighted and commented upon. Photos can also be added to these live meeting notes. 

·      Meetings can also be transcribed once they have ended. Here, the application will automatically download the Zoom cloud recordings such that they can be transcribed. All Otter.ai users can avail of this service. 

3.  nTask

nTask makes for a great meeting application that Zoom users can employ as it boasts the following innovative features:

·      This application serves as a viable project management tool that allows for all tasks to be tracked with ease. 

·      nTask can also be employed to track and manage risks associated with a project and assess its scope. It helps users identify, document, discuss and manage risks such that projects can be successfully completed. 

·      Cost estimating, reporting and collaborative tools are all a possibility with this application. 

·      Users can also sync their calendars with Google. 

4.  Gong

Much like the literal gong that draws attention with a resounding sound when struck, this Zoom integration draws attention to the pertinent aspects of a Zoom call. Features that make it a great addition for meetings are: 

·      Recording, analytical and transcription services are available for each Zoom call that is scheduled under G Suite or MS Office 365.

·      Insights are provided in accordance with information gathered from each meeting.

·      Owing to the fact that it is a well-integrated application, attendees aren’t required to take training in order to benefit from it. 

·      Audio and video recording, speech recognition, usage tracking, and analytics are also available.

5. Coda

This Zoom integration helps users manage each of their notes made in relation to meetings with different teams. Some of its more prominent features have been listed below:

·      Users can take advantage of the budget management services and collaboration tools.

·      It is possible to track cost-to-completion expenses.

·      Coda users can use customizable templates and generate documents.

·      Perfect for brainstorming, Coda allows attendees to create subtasks and databases thereby enhancing the Zoom meeting experience.

As technology grows and a new style of work is established, meeting styles too can be expected to evolve. With previously unimaginable advances, video conferencing software is set to grow along with the needs of new-age employees and organizations.

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