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Top 5 Zoom Apps To Conduct Successful Webinars
Top 5 Zoom Apps To Conduct Successful Webinars

Top 5 Zoom Apps To Conduct Successful Webinars

From JotForm to Asana, apps that enhance the experience of hosting or attending a webinar on Zoom.

The past year and a half have been most fortuitous for Zoom which saw exponential growth. In April 2020, the video conferencing application had reached a milestone of 300 million daily meeting participants. 

The popularity of Zoom along with several other video conferencing applications saw a spike amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has led to massive changes in the workplace. The primary being the commencement of work-from-home business models. These have each been adopted rather fervently as social distancing is the new normal.

The wonderful world of webinars 

While webinars, or internet-based seminars, have been around for a while now, their scope has broadened over the past year and a half. Virtual training sessions, online workshops, and live classes have each gained popularity. With webinars, it is possible to showcase your skills and share knowledge while growing your audience. 

Not only are they easy and inexpensive to make, but webinars also allow you to reach new audiences and market information well. The key to creating a well-received webinar is to ensure that the information conveyed is useful, unique, urgent, and ultra-specific. Each of these traits helps keep attendees better engaged. 

However, webinars require a little nudge from third-party applications that can enhance the overall experience. Zoom, for instance, allows for a number of integrations to be carried out via third-party software applications. These applications boast varied functions that merge with the Zoom application with ease to enhance productivity along with user engagement. 

Exploring smart Zoom integration applications

Small tweaks made to a webinar can significantly add to its appeal and can help the attendees better connect with the host. Read on to understand five of the best Zoom integration applications.

1.     Vimeo

By integrating Vimeo into a Zoom webinar, hosts needn’t worry about their video falling into the wrong hands. 

  • All recordings can be placed in workspaces and shared folders allowing for superior organization. 
  • Captions can be searched as videos are transcribed automatically. This transcription can be most useful for those with hearing disabilities. 
  • Videos can be secured with the aid of a password and recordings can be shared with private links. 
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2.     Hive

Hive can be integrated into Zoom webinars thereby allowing for the following nifty tricks to be carried out with ease.

  • Emails can be sent; projects can be managed and notes can be shared with different teams. Chatting is also a possibility with built-in features.
  • Project management is easier as you can start meetings merely by typing “/Zoom” within the Hive messaging portal. 
  • Status reports for different projects can be monitored on Zoom meetings and webinars. 

3.     Slack

Zoom’s Slack integration is most useful as several organizations already make use of Slack.

  • Zoom meetings may be started with mere “/Zoom” commands like the one offered by Hive.
  • Different aspects of a Zoom meeting or webinar can be monitored. This includes the duration of the meeting, who has left, and who has joined it. 
  • Recordings can be shared in different channels as well as via direct messages.
  • People operating in specific Slack channels can be reminded of their Zoom meetings.
  • Slack is known for its accessibility and allows for screen reading and magnification which is helpful for those with vision impairments. 

4.     JotForm 

JotForm allows users to create easy online forms. Its Zoom integration is useful as it allows for users to collect webinar attendees’ data via Zoom. This removes the stress associated with manually collecting the same. Once JotForm and Zoom are integrated, all that a host is required to do is to share their form link with the audience.

5.     Asana

This application allows for purposeful meetings and webinars to take place due to the following reasons.

  •  Hosts can create pre-work tasks such that the discussions are possible from the get-go. This means that if you have anything that you would like to address during a webinar you can arrange for it to be on display at the time the discussion begins. 
  • Action items can be created such that key decisions aren’t lost in the conversation. 
  • The recording and transcript is used at the end of the call such that conversations conducted during it are easy to search. This transcript is made available once calls are complete. 

 What does the future hold?

Video conferencing tools have allowed companies to save USD 11,000 annually per employee. As per a CoSo Cloud Survey, remote work has made a number of employees feel that they are more productive while several others felt that this form of work is linked to their job satisfaction. Overall, remote work has allowed the workforce to be more integrated and accessible as a physical presence is no longer required. Similarly, seminars and workshops were once limited to those who could free up time and attend in person, online webinars now increase that reach multifold. 

By integrating applications into a webinar, organizations and individuals can amp up productivity while also making it more conversational and organized. The right extensions and apps can help hosts engage with audiences in a clearer and more interesting manner. More importantly, it is possible to create environments that are inclusive and cater to disabled individuals as well. 

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