5 Best Slack Apps for Fun and Entertainment Geared at Remote Teams
5 Best Slack Apps for Fun and Entertainment Geared at Remote Teams

5 Best Slack Apps for Fun and Entertainment Geared at Remote Teams

Slack apps that help remote teams have fun together, building trust and cohesion.

Many online workplaces use Slack as the main communication tool, since it’s one of the most popular and well-designed platforms for work environments. If your remote team uses Slack, here is a comprehensive list of fun and entertaining Slack games and apps that you can add to your virtual workspace so that your remote team can have some fun while hanging out online together.

Providing your remote team with a means to entertain themselves, either individually or as a team, will help build team spirit and productivity at the same time. Having fun at the workplace is difficult when working online, so Slack apps and games that are designed to entertain are a great solution for any kind of workspace.

Let us know which of these apps you’ve used and how your online team of employees felt about them. Did it help them get closer to each other and get to know their teammates better? Did they start playing tournaments and build meaningful relationships?

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

This classic game is a great recipe for success in getting your daily dose of fun and entertainment. Although Tic-Tac-Toe, as a game, is as old as time itself, there is a reason why it is still popular. It is easy to learn, easy to play and drives competitive spirit and can easily be turned into a tournament for remote teams at work.

Since it is a game that can be easily integrated into your Slack workspace, it’s one of the best games for Slack users because it is a game everyone knows how to play since childhood. It evokes the original feeling of fun and competition for most people playing it and your virtual team will love to spend their first few breaks getting to challenge each other at Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Slack game is recommended by a lot of team building experts, and one of the most interesting parts about it is that players do not need to have the same work schedules, because the game does not use time limits. That means that you can help your virtual team build cohesion and have fun together regardless of their schedule. Add to the fun by encouraging that work from home team members play individually as well as collectively, so they can build meaningful relationships and camaraderie together.
You can add the game to your Slack workspace  through the app store here.

2. Bored

If your virtual team is in a rut and you’re thinking about how bond them as individuals and as a team, Bored is one of the best solutions you can find on Slack. As a versatile app, it provides virtual teams with various types of games and activities that are crowd-favorites and helps them build team spirit and cohesion through play. Since play is a very important aspect of personal development and job satisfaction, Bored gives all kinds of personalities and people an avenue to reach great heights.

With Bored, your virtual team can choose between a variety of games to play, either on the same shift or without having to participate live. It is an entertaining app that you can add to your workspace so that your remote workers can use it for their break times or you can actually organize team building events through Bored and watch how play makes room for creative and productive teams.

After installing Bored in your Slack workspace, your online team will be able to choose from a set of fun games: Icebreakers, Trick or Trivia, Who’s the faker, Roastmasters and Give me a break. Each of these fun games will help virtual teams tune out from the pressure of performing and lay back to enjoy their colleagues and their work environment without having to worry about the next task.

Since it has multiple games available, Bored will be able to cater to all kinds of remote workers: introverts, extroverts, comedians, competitive people and more. It’s an excellent way to help your remote team get to know each other without actually interrupting their usual schedule and work environment. You can get it for your Slack workspace here.

3. GameMonk

This game is an all-inclusive source of entertainment and competition for any kind of remote team. The concept behind it is simple, yet it’s one of the best because it offers the opportunity to look away from day-to-day work-related tasks and take off the pressure for remote workers. It relies on each team member’s personal knowledge to tickle creative minds and help virtual teams learn about each other.

The main idea in GameMonk is to choose a topic and then try to guess the most appropriate answer or related hashtag in under 60 seconds in order to get points and beat your teammates.

With GameMonk, you can test your virtual teams’ knowledge and attention span as well as engage them in playful events online in order to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. There are three games available: Categories, Giphy and Trivia so that all of your virtual employees can participate in a game that they actually like and are good at. You can add GameMonk to your Slack workspace here.

4. Ping-Pong

This classic game comes to life on Slack workspaces for remote teams and brings the benefit of competitive, long-standing games that your virtual team can play at work. While it’s difficult to replicate the actual ping-pong games people would play during break times, this Slack app can be incredibly entertaining and a great investment to boost morale.

With the help of a ranking system, leaderboards and scoreboards, your remote team can build trust and competitive spirit through daily games they can play. The downside of this one, compared to other apps in this list, is that the players have to be on the same schedule in order to engage each other in a match of ping-pong.

Nonetheless, a lot of companies can accommodate this because schedules, for most companies, are the same. Through this Slack game, your virtual team can measure each other up and engage in fun conversations that can evolve after each match. It’s an excellent way to turn teambuilding for a remote team into reality. You can add PlayPlay.io to your Slack workspace here.

5. Chinwag

Last, but certainly not leasts, Chinwag is a Slack app that merges gaming with teambuilding activities. This app can be added to your remote teams’ channels and it will automatically invite team members to participate in collaborative games. Through the games that Chinwag proposes, virtual teams can build strong relationships and connections, all the while having fun.

Chinwag Champs gives virtual teams many small, short and fun games to choose from so that they can work together in solving riddles, puzzles and getting to objectives. Through collaboration via a game, team productivity and cohesion is also increased. As players get to know each other through games, they will inevitably communicate and work better in a collective environment - even if it’s a remote one.

Especially since it is very hard to build collaborative remote teams in a pandemic, where there are many social, environmental and legal factors that could influence the way in which individuals relate to each other, Chinwag is a great idea to add to your Slack workspace in order to increase long-term collaboration, reduce absenteeism and build team spirit.

The only downside for this fun Slack app is that it only works with over 15 team members. Since most companies using Slack have more than 15 employees, Chinwag can be used as a great tool and game to bridge the gap between all the processes of the company and the employees managing them. You can add Chinwag to your Slack workspace here.

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