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Ideas To Make Team Meetings Engaging and Collaborative
Ideas To Make Team Meetings Engaging and Collaborative

Ideas To Make Team Meetings Engaging and Collaborative

Make team meetings great again!

“No, not that again...let’s think of something different? Anyone wants to volunteer to share new ideas?”

The message flashed on the Slack group. And we started wondering what to do today.

Over the last year, work culture across the globe has been remodeled in ways none of us ever imagined. The shift to a full-fledged remote work setup came with its share of challenges. A major one was — How to keep teams engaged and active?

Just like work culture, team-building activities also need a fresh approach to keep up with the changing circumstances. Here are some ideas to try out during team meetings and standups to keep things interesting and engaging.

Icebreakers (probably the coolest of them!?)

They are a bit awkward in the beginning but always end up creating the most laughter, don't they?

For those who don't know, icebreakers are a set of questions team members ask each other to get the conversation rolling in the most light-hearted way. 

Questions can include:

- What did you want to be when you were a kid?

- Share 2 truths and a lie about you.

- What's your recent facepalm moment?

Read our guide here to understand how icebreakers help with employee engagement. Or if you directly want to hop on to the game, here you go: Bored’s Icebreakers.

Discover a whole new side of your team

The core intention of any team-building activity is to help people know each other beyond their work profiles. And we all know, there's always a guitarist, movie buff, or singer hidden in all of us. By the way, did you show those beautiful pictures you keep capturing to your new colleague? This is your chance!

How about a theme for every week to hunt these hidden gems?

Block time slots to catch up with your team members and bond over these interests. To ensure they happen regularly, pre-plan and keep a theme decided for the whole quarter. 

Collaborate, compete and conquer together

Encourage teams to host short, informative workshops or quick doodling competitions where they get a chance to collaborate with their co-workers in a healthy competitive environment. 

Teams can also lead a 10-15 minutes presentation on what they work on day in and day out. For instance, the design team could take their fellow departments on a tour to show how designing works, and what makes them come back to their desk every morning. And then maybe, address some of the doubts or bust some myths about designing that their colleagues might have. It will be an interesting ride for everyone joining. 

These events truly make for a great chance to bring members of all departments together, drive creativity and work on something they are deeply passionate about. You can arrange for such events once every quarter to slowly get people to gel with every other member of the organization.

Let's solve a few quizzes before we end the team meeting?

The founder of The Escape Game says, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." That couldn't be more accurate. After reading an article based on the concept of his games, we were inspired to design an activity that allows team members to spend some time together in the middle of a busy workday.

Long Zoom calls can infuse a bit of boredom, so, how can you charge everyone up before they move on to their next task? Get them to solve a set of quizzes before leaving the meeting. They will not just have fun but will also get to witness the crazy sides of their colleagues!

Teams who solve first, win the day! Want them to participate actively? Maintain the points tally and reward the team that tops the chart in that month! 

If you are sold on this team meeting idea, you are going to love Bored’s Trivia! With over 60+ awesome topics on board, the Trivia rounds will make sure to fuel that much-needed fire on hump days. 

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Ask Me Anything 

In the remote work setup, it's a little difficult to know how your colleague likes to start their day or what is their go-to dish to cheer up their mood. Along with the usual team-building activities, it would help to host individual Ask Me Anything (AMA) rounds! They could be a part of your Monday kickstart-the-week meetings or Friday evening completion sessions. 

If you are an organization that loves to share the regular updates of your company with your audience on social media, this activity could be a great addition to one of such campaigns. 

Try it out within your internal meetings first and then see if your team sounds excited to do it on your socials too. After all, what could be a better opportunity than this to proudly share your amazing culture with your customers and investors out there?

Here are some more ideas to run employee engagement on your social media platforms:

  • ‘A Day In My Life’ video challenge for team members.
  • Employees taking over the company's Instagram or Twitter for a day.
  • Welcoming new members through an introduction post.
  • Sharing the results of events, competitions that employees participate in.
  • Announcing the individual achievements or the Employee Of The Month. 

Bond as you learn!

Team-building doesn't just have to be about playing games together. You could tie different goals to it while you are letting the team bond with their colleagues.

One such goal could be adding new learnings to their kit. This could be anything from taking an online course to your in-house training sessions. Employees who share the same interests can get together to take these courses, discuss their doubts with each other and achieve new skill sets. 

This constant interaction between them would play a major role in making the office meetings and presentations a lot smoother, well-coordinated, and result-driven. 

So these are some ideas for team meetings you can use to build your remote team engagement and the company culture. As you go on experimenting with them, you might come out with a different version of these activities and who knows, they could be even more fun!

Here are some bonus tips that won't take you more than 5 minutes:

- Make time for a non-work talk with your team members. It could just be a simple text asking how their day is going or a funny meme you know they'll relate with or personally calling them to wish on birthdays.

- Encourage everyone to share their feedback at the end of the meetings so they don't feel they didn't contribute anything to the call.

To all the HR executives, founders, and managers who made ‘finding fun and quirky ideas for team involvement’ a part of their daily To-do list,

You are awesome! We give you a 10/10 for prioritizing your employees’ well-being and engagement.

If your hunt is still on, we have Bored games for you. Gabe Perez, Head of Social at Product Hunt says he finds Bored’s Trivia to be a very no-pressure game to join and an easy way to add some bonding for remote teams. If that’s what you look for in an online game, book your free demo here today.

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