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How Fyle Cuts Through WFH Woes To Make Work Fun
How Fyle Cuts Through WFH Woes To Make Work Fun

How Fyle Cuts Through WFH Woes To Make Work Fun

For Fyle, employee engagement is not a weekly or monthly activity but rather, an ongoing process.

“You're awake for 16 hours a day. Out of that, you spend almost 10 hours at your job, that's more than 60 percent of the day. If that's not fun, that means 60 percent of your life is not fun.”

- Sivaramakrishnan “Siva” Narayanan, Co-founder and CTO, Fyle 

With 84 team members working from across India, Fyle, an expense management software company, faced the same issue that many organizations have been battling since going remote: How do you make remote work fun? 

For Fyle, Bored provided the right solution that could minimize the monotony of the work routine and infuse some much-needed zest in the interaction between the team. From ‘Who’s The Faker’ to ‘Roastmasters’, read how Bored helped this set of coworkers boost and build their connections with one another. 

So, what is Fyle?

Founded in 2016, Fyle builds products to make expense management a breeze for their clients. Based in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, nearly a third of Fyle’s employees are under the age of 24. For such a young organization, it comes as no surprise that the culture and values followed at Fyle are fresh, candid, and non-judgmental.

Unlike most organizations, Fyle anticipated the COVID-19 related lockdown a bit earlier and switched to remote working to avoid further hassle. Within a month of doing so, they also proactively announced that they would continue to work from home for the next 24 months. 

WFH Woes

“With remote work comfort comes remote work problems.”

   - a writer from our team at Bored after working remotely with the sound of a pressure cooker in the background for 14 months now.

People at Fyle had their share of issues too. The most common one? Not knowing when to switch off.

Fortunately, the open-minded culture at the company gave them a chance to open up freely. From anonymous surveys sent out every quarter, to managers proactively reaching out to team members, many avenues were explored to pinpoint problem areas. Surely a rock-solid way to embody the spirit of ‘We’re all in this together.’ To actively navigate this, Yoga sessions and mental health workshops were also conducted regularly to keep the spirits high.

Although these sessions were immensely helpful, they were not enough and Yitzhak A, the People Success Manager, was very well aware of this. 

“For me, my people are my customers. Whatever I do, I make sure it's in the context of something they would enjoy. I talk to at least 6-8 people every day for 10-15 mins and get to know their thoughts on what more the company can do in terms of increasing employee engagement.”

   - Yitzhak, People Success Manager, Fyle

Break up the Bored-om

Today, employee engagement is not a weekly or monthly activity but rather, an ongoing process. However, with the remote work culture, it had to be tweaked to fit this modern way of working. For teams at Fyle, chai break sessions were turned into Bored game sessions on a Slack channel called #chai, Yitzhak reveals.

It’s difficult to replicate the feeling of bumping into your favorite coworker and having a quick coffee and a chat. But instead of drowning in nostalgia, why don't you just drag them to a Slack channel and make new memories with Bored?

Trust us, it's fun. 

Wondering what all games you can try?

Siva joins his team to play Trivia, Who's The Faker? and Roastmaster a couple of times a week and he really enjoys them. Yitzhak admits to liking 'Who's The Faker' the most. ”Who doesn't like to point out others?" he says, winking. Funnily enough, the Fyle team too loved ‘Who’s The Faker’ so much so that after a month or two, Yitzhak deliberately had to introduce them to another game called 'Roastmasters' so that they try something different too. 

Other than Bored, they also checked out a few other apps and websites for playing games but eventually exhausted them. On the other hand, Bored has so many options that once you hop on to it, you're set for months to come!

After listening to their stories, our belief got even stronger that games are definitely one of the ways to uplift your employees’ mood and eventually, their performance.

At Fyle, games helped people to:

  • Spark random conversations with each other so that they don't miss those quick chats with their favorite coworker,
  • Get to know interesting (or strange) facts about each other so that they know their coworkers beyond their office ID,
  • Bring everyone together so that nobody feels left out,
  • Take their mind off work for some time so that when they start, they start afresh with more enthusiasm.

What’s interesting is that 15 of Fyle’s 84 members were totally new to each other, joining the team virtually during the pandemic. And what better way to get to know your coworkers faster than throwing it back to your childhood? Play some games, get a few laughs, and let that set the tone for the work environment. 

Other than Bored, Yitzhak also introduced his team to two very engaging activities: 

Who Is This?

A game where he lists down some crazy incidents that happened to people from the team. 

When they all gather, the incidents are revealed and everyone has to guess to whom it happened.

Would you give this a shot at your workplace?

Recognizing Childhood Pictures

An activity where people upload their childhood pictures secretly in one folder and then, later on, everyone has to guess which coworker's picture they are seeing on the screen.

Sounds like fun, huh?

With new learnings along the way, Fyle is constantly trying to help their employees enjoy the “60 percent of life” that they spend as work hours. Bored fits in perfectly in their journey to improving work-life balance and helps them keep the momentum high.

Looking to drive such engaging activities for your teams too? Get them to try  Who’s The Faker? — ‘all time favorite game’ at Fyle or Trivia, which picks your brain on 60+ crazy topics and over 5000+ questions! (guess what? They're all free!)

Don’t forget to watch this space as we bring you more stories of how innovative organizations from around the world are turning to Bored to brighten up the work day.

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