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7 Out-Of-Office Templates To Use For Your Next Vacation
7 Out-Of-Office Templates To Use For Your Next Vacation

7 Out-Of-Office Templates To Use For Your Next Vacation

Let people know where you are and when they can expect you to get back.

So you have a flight scheduled tomorrow morning and you are switching from one tab to another to find the perfect Out Of Office (OOO) message for your clients and external stakeholders. Or you’ve just landed in the hospital for good news or bad. Either way, you’ll need people to know you won’t be answering emails any time soon.

No one ever told us how important these messages are, not just for keeping the communication straight but also for setting the right tone for the relationship with the other person.

With that being said, no more scratching your brains looking out for that perfect template. 

Here are some of the templates for you to steal for your autoreply while you're away on some beach in Florida sipping on a cocktail and or recovering from that nasty flu. (Hey, soup is yummy too.)

1. Want to strictly adhere to the company's be-professional-be-nice policy?

Hi there,

Thank you for your email. I'm currently traveling and will be able to take a look at your request after [Date].

If it's urgent, please connect with my colleague Emma at [Email]. She will take care of it.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

2. Do you love being transparent with your clients?

Hi there,

I appreciate you messaging me here. I am currently out on sick leave and will only be able to get back to you by [Date]. If that sounds too long to hold, my colleague Harry will be available to take care of your request at [Email] while I get back on track at the earliest.

Thank you for understanding.

[Your Name]

3. Are you one of those creative minds?

Hi there!

I'm currently in beautiful and sunny Florida and might be getting ready to surf like this man here.

I will be back in the office on [Date] and will respond to you at the earliest. If it is not possible to wait that long, I understand. Please connect with my colleague James at [Email]. I'd appreciate it if you could be a little patient with his reply.

Warm Regards from Toasty Florida,

[Your Name]

4. Let's put a smile on their face

Hi there,

Thank you for your message but right now I'm traveling and unfortunately, my family doesn't allow my Mac on the trip. They threatened to throw my phone out too if it pings again, oops.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting until [Date]. If it requires urgent assistance, my awesome colleague Sanjay will help you out at [Email].

I appreciate your understanding.


[Your Name]

5. Would you like to leave an interesting takeaway for them?

Hi there!

Thank you for your message. I'm out of the office from [Date] to [Date]. For anything urgent, please feel free to reach out to my colleague Monica at [Email].

Before we move on, may you’d like to check these out:

- Our HR stumbled upon Bored recently and our teams love to block an hour in the evenings to play games on it together.

- I found this post on Twitter about effectively managing work + side gigs. Read it here.

Talk to you soon!

[Your Name]

6. Do you have an e-book, course, or workshop for them to explore?

Hi there,

Thank you for your message. I am currently away on my maternity leave introducing my newborn to the world. I expect to return by [Date] (hopefully!). If this needs urgent assistance, my colleague Nisha will take care of your request at [Email] while I am drowning in diapers.

By the way, did you know we launched our exclusive workshop about B2B Marketing last week? We have early birds tickets on [link]. I would be happy to answer your queries regarding the workshop and other requests as soon as I'm back.


[Your Name]

7. Did you wish your clients Merry Christmas?

Hi there,

First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a great time. 

I planned a quick trip to meet my parents this Christmas [or whatever the occasion may be] and hence, I will be back at my desk only by [Date].

In case this is an emergency, my colleague Jonas should be able to assist you at [email id]. But if not, my team and I will be back in action after the New Year, refreshed and ready to go!

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a wonderful day ahead.


[Your Name]

We hope you're able to zero down on one of these templates for your autoresponder. Also, the next time your colleague wonders how you manage communication while you're away from work, you know what to share with them!

Before you sneak out of the office to finish packing, let us quickly ask you — Do you usually find yourself going back to the vacation memories after you come back?

Well, most of us do and we’ve got something to fix that. Although we can’t fast forward to the day of your next vacation, we can definitely bring you some of the excitement and fun, through Bored games. Companies around the world are trying it out to help their employees enjoy their day in the remote work setup.

Want to suggest it to your HR once you come back? Tell them they can book a free demo here.

Happy Vacation!

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