5 Tried And Tested Apps To Help You Focus And Stay Off Social Media
5 Tried And Tested Apps To Help You Focus And Stay Off Social Media

5 Tried And Tested Apps To Help You Focus And Stay Off Social Media

Learn to become more mindful about distractions when your attention strays.

We're so glad you're finally here after convincing yourself to stop watching that 173rd reel. After all, it had to stop someday, right? 

Looks like you are not alone in this. According to 2020 data from Statista, the average person spends 145 minutes on social media every day. While everyone needs a good distraction from their long task list, spending long periods of time on these platforms could easily be eating into your productivity. Throughout the day, Instagram is competing with LinkedIn and Snapchat is competing with Twitter, to get more of your attention. Regardless of who wins the race, your mind and body definitely lose the zeal to live in the real world and focus on the tasks that matter. 

However, in the pool of these social media apps, there are also some apps genuinely trying to save us from these distractions by helping us be more present in our offline life. We’ll admit that it’s pretty odd to think about using some apps to stop using other apps, but hey, it’s worth a shot. 

Tried and tested by thousands of users around the world, here are some apps to consider using to become more mindful of your time while also enhancing your productivity.

AppBlock (Available for iOS, Android)

As the name indicates, AppBlock uses the simplest productivity hack — blocking apps for a specific period. You can set a Do Not Disturb timer, add productivity reminders, track goals, and most importantly, master self-control by forcing yourself to stay away from social media while you're in the zone.

You can try it out here.

Forest (Available for iOS, Android, Chrome Extension)

“I like the idea of having trees (and my forest) grow if I am productive and don't give up on the current task at hand,” reads one of the reviews for this innovative app. Created with a unique concept, the Forest App lets you set a timer for a task and while you're at it, it grows your tree. If you break the commitment, your tree dies. How clever! Who would want to see a tree die? :( This one is a great tool for people who are looking for some visual cues and tangible drivers of motivation.

So, stay focused and grow your forest with 6 million+ users here.

Switching you attention between social media and your tasks at hand takes longer than you think.

FocusMe (Available for macOS, Android)

This is not just a block-that-app-till-you-complete-the-work site but something that truly helps you establish a productive routine. FocusMe enables you to build a structure for your workday with planned breaks between your schedule, set better targets, and mindfully cut down your distractions.

Explore this interesting option here.

YourHour (Available for Android)  

Ever looked at an hourglass timer? It makes an abstract concept like time more tangible by showing you how the moments are passing by. That's exactly what Your Hour does in an online format.

With a pinch of guilt, self-awareness, and a whole lot of discipline, it keeps you on your toes to use your time wisely by turning on a timer the moment you enter any app or website. Additionally, it provides you with a timeline of daily app usage to help you understand which platform you're addicted to the most.

Ready to take the charge of your time? Join them here.

Now, here comes our favorite which is a chrome extension.

Mindful Browsing

Steven Skoczen built this to gain control over his mindless browsing. His friends liked it, so he made it available for everyone. All you have to do is install this extension, enter what website you want to be more mindful about, and share what projects you want to make more time for.

So, when you find yourself tempted to open those distracting websites, the extension sweetly reminds you: Are you sure you want to be here now? Take back control of your life here.

If you are still reading, well done, mate! It shows you’re pretty serious about your time and really want to fight this social media addiction.


  • The decision to leave a platform completely may not be the solution, getting better at using it mindfully could be.
  • Taking a break doesn't always have to be about checking your socials. Instead, you could get your team to play some games and feel energized instead of drained when you get back to work.
  • Blocking some time to check your social media and sticking to a time limit is a superpower that you can learn slowly but surely.
  • These applications may help to some extent, but building the discipline to not go back needlessly is within your hands.

That's it from us for now.

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